UC Browser Features


UC browser is a very famous and popular browser in Asia and it is dominant among all other browsers through its features. It is being functioned for a long time. It has introduced for the Java and Symbian users but with the passage of time, it has expanded for all of the platforms. Android, IOS, and Windows users can also use it.

uc browser old version

Overview of UC Browser

UC browser provides us the downloading link for whatever we acquire. Moreover, UC browser made the navigation system very easy, you can navigate anyone easily if he permits you to do so. Everything in UC browser APK is organized perfectly. The developer of UC browser has a strong bond with the cricket, it has the vast information about cricket and provides you the different cricket features including live scores, live telecast, and highlights. Moreover, you can also listen to Music, watch videos, dramas, and movies. It has everything in updated form. The downloading has never been so fast before, if downloading stops due to loss of internet connection, it will resume again from the same point where the downloading stopped.


UC browser if full of amazing features which force people to use this internet web browser. So, now let’s have some glimpse of an eye on its features

  1. Speed Mode: if the user switches browser at speed mode, it compiles all the pages and ultimately provides the fast browsing service.
  2. Website Security: Browser also provides private browsing to every individual, it is safe and the user can set a password in it, no one would be able to see individual downloads and history. It is very much secure to use.
  3. Night mode: It also takes cares of our eyes during the night hours.
  4. Auto Pager: it can show the multiple pages at a single screen. So, the user can go for it easily.
  5. Quick search: it identifies your personality through your history, and then allows you to just enter keywords in the URL bar, the browser will automatically identify what you want.
  6. Block ads and save Data: you can also add blocks that distract you from your original work and it has a lot of space for your data. You can save a lot.
  7. Instantly Report adds: If you are short of time, you can report adds. No add will occur at your screen.


All the above-mentioned features you can avail it once you go for UC browser APK. It provides all these features at every platform. These mentioned features are just an overview, there is still more waiting for you at UC browser.


UC browser has been working in more than 100 regions, and it has more than 100 million daily active users. The browser is available in 9 different languages which is the proof for its dominance through the world.