Difference Between Nova Launcher and Nova Launcher Prime

Nova launcher and nova launcher prime are android customization apps that help users of android devices to customize their android interface. The nova launcher is a free version of app and it comes with great features that can help the android users customize their android device.

However, the free version of the app lacks some important features. On the other hand, nova launcher prime is the premium version of the app with comes with all the premium features as well as basic features of the android customization app. If you are a new user of nova launcher, you can start using it from the free version.

When you understand its basics and if you like the interface and designs and other customization options offered by this customization app. Then, you can move forward to buying the premium version of the nova launcher. If you want to access the premium version for free, you can find its download link at nova launcher prime.

What is Nova Launcher?

All of android users prefer to customize their android devices as the default interface offered by the android devices is not that much good to satisfy the user’s needs. So, users go for the customization apps to modify their android device. There are different android customization launchers available in the Play Store and one of the best customization launcher available out there is the nova launcher and the premium version of this app such as nova launcher prime.

What Makes Nova Launcher Prime better?

But, what exactly is the difference between the nova launcher and nova launcher prime? Well, the nova launcher prime comes with the more great features that are not available in the free version. Such as in the premium version you will have access to more styles, icon packs, app drawer options, premium wallpapers and much more.

One of the best features available in the nova launcher prime is the unread badge. This feature gives you information with the notifications about the messages you have received and are not read yet. You can do customization in the app icon sizes; play around with different icon packs available to choose from. Plus, it is much faster than the free version of the app. With the premium version of this app such as from nova launcher prime, you can enjoy the great swiping options with smooth and easy interface. All these great features available in the premium version of the app give you a great opportunity to customize your android device and make it according to your needs.

Final Words

All things considered, if you are new to the nova launcher app. It is recommended to start off with the free version of the app and then after understanding its basics, you can opt in for the prime version. You can download the nova launcher prime version from the link given above.